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A thermostat that can be controlled by a telephone

Phone Controlled Tstat Kit Phone Controlled Tstat1 TSA7D
TC433 Click to enlarge images TSA7D


A thermostat that is controlled by your voice or touch tones from a phone.  Great for vacation homes.  If your vacation home has a broadband (always on) Internet connection, we recommend our Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen thermostat that can be controlled using an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.

TC433 Diagram

The TC433 is the telephone kit that enables either the TSA7D (residential thermostat) or the TSA8D (commercial thermostat) to become phone controlled.  


Key Features and Specifications of TSA7D Residential Thermostat 

  • 7-Day programmable
    • Up to 4 events per day.
    • Holiday/Vacation Mode -  A separate schedule you can create for a specific number of days while away on vacation/holiday.
    • Anticipator learning mode will turn on heating/cooling to reach the programmed temperature at the programmed time.
  • Backlit LCD display
    • Continuous, night time only, or for 8 seconds after button press.
  • Humidity sensor
    • Displays current humidity level
    • Can be used to control compatible humidification/dehumidification equipment through two available terminals.
    • Can be used to run a dehumidification cycle where the cooling is run when the humidity level exceeds the desired humidity level (green LED blinks to indicate that the system is in a dehumidification cycle).
  • Modes:  Heat, Cool, Auto Changeover, Off
  • LED indicator glows green or red to indicate cooling or heating.
  • Usage Monitor
    • Displays number or hours heat, cool, dehumidification, UV light run times.
  • Programmable system fan
    • Delay fan off mode will run fan up to 90 seconds after cooling has turned off to empty cool air from ducting.
    • Fan can be programmed to run a selected number of minutes each hour, during selected hours, to circulate air.
  • Service filter reminder is programmable between 0 and 1950 hours of fan operation.
  • UV Lamp replacement reminder is programmable between 0 and 1950 hours of fan operation (if you have a UV lamp in your HVAC system).
  • Works with gas/electric systems, heat pumps, or hydronic systems.
  • Up to 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling.
  • Programmable output terminals
    • Thermostat applies 24VAC to output terminals to control other external devices based on time of day, temperature, or with optional telephone controller (TC433).
    • Examples 1:  Turn on home lighting at specified time or from any telephone from outside of your home.
    • Example 2:   Turn on attic fan when wireless temperature sensor is above desired temperature (see features of the wireless temperature sensor in next section below).
  • Programmable dry-contact input terminals
    • Can be connected to a switch to turn "Vacation Mode" on and off.
    • Can be connected to a water sensor in the condenser pan to report that the pan is full.
  • Dual setpoints (one for heating and one for cooling).
  • Thermostat Locking - Completely locks out control of thermostat.
  • Adjustable "deadband" of 0 to 6 degrees (used when in Auto changeover mode).
  • Maintains temperature to 1 degree of setpoint (adjustable from 1-6 degrees).
  • Temperature and humidity sensors can be calibrated.
  • Displays either Fahrenheit or Centigrade
  • Install yourself if you are familiar with installing a standard HVAC thermostat. A toll free technical support line is available if you need some assistance with installing or setting up your thermostat.  If you are not comfortable with a do-it-yourself installation, we recommend that you contact a local HVAC contractor to install the thermostat.  Installation time for a HVAC service technician should not exceed one hour under normal circumstances.
  • Please note that this thermostat requires a Common wire for operation.  If your present thermostat does not have a Common wire connected (usually connected to a terminal labeled "C"), call us for a solution.
  • One-year manufacturer replacement warranty
  • Dimensions: 4.5H x 4.8W x .1.3D inches
  • See optional accessories below to provide even more features.
  • Please note that this thermostat requires  a "Common" wire connection.   A "Common" wire is normally provided by the HVAC equipment and is normally labeled with the letter "C".   If your HVAC equipment does not provide a common wire, please call us for other possible solutions.

Additional Features of TSA8D Commercial Thermostat

  • Commercial model looks the same as the residential model (TSA7D) except the commercial model adds an "override" button on the front.
  • Commercial model has the same features as the residential model (TSA7D), PLUS the following features:
    • Override button to force thermostat from unoccupied mode to occupied mode at 30 minute increments (up to 4 hours).
    • 3 different programmable security levels to limit setpoint range controllable by user or to not allow any setpoint changes by user.
    • Built-in adjustable light sensor that can be used to force thermostat into an occupied and unoccupied mode based on room lighting conditions.
    • Does not have a built-in humidity sensor like model TSA7D.

Key Features and Specifications of FM0401 Wireless Temperature Sensor Accessory  

Wireless Remote Temp Sensor Kit

  • The wireless temperature sensors can be used to do either, or both of the following:
    1. Display current outside temperature, low and high outside temperatures for the day on the TSA7D thermostat.
    2. Replace the internal temperature sensor on the TSA7D thermostat with 1 to 8 wireless sensors that will average the temperature.
  • One P474-0401 kit is needed for each of the two features described above.
  • Outside Temperature.  Display current outside temperature, low and high outside temperatures for the day on the TSA7D thermostat. The optional Telephone Controller (TC433) will include the outside temperature during a status report when you call.
  • Temperature Averaging.  Will accept up to 8 wireless remote temperature sensors to calculate an average room temperature.  When connecting wireless temperature sensor(s), the internal temperature sensor in the thermostat is disabled.  For example, there may be a large area (i.e. zone) where the temperature varies significantly within the zone.  If 4 wireless remote temperature sensors were placed in 4 separate locations, the thermostat would calculate an average of the 4 temperature sensor values and that averaged room temperature would be used by the thermostat to control the HVAC system.
  • Color of wireless temperature sensor is white
  • Includes 2 alkaline batteries
  • Size of wireless temperature sensor is 4.6h x 2.7w x .85d inches.

Key Features and Specifications of TC433 Talking Telephone Controller Accessory

  • Allows you to call from any telephone and do any of the following:
    • Get a voice status report of the current inside temperature, outside temperature (with optional P474-0401), what mode the system is currently in (i.e. Auto, Heat, Cool, Off) and if the heating or cooling is currently running.
    • Activate one of the two programmable setpoints (called Comfort and Energy Savings settings) with your voice or by pressing a key on your phone.
      • Example:  Program Comfort Setting to 75 degrees Auto mode, and Energy Savings to OFF.  When you call your home on the way home, activate the Comfort setting and your HVAC system turns on at 75 degrees in Auto mode.  If you left your home and forgot to shut off your thermostat, call your home and activate the Energy Savings setting and your thermostat will shut off your HVAC system.
    • Activate the TSA7D thermostat's programmable out to control external devices such as lighting or alarm systems.
  • Programmable security code prevents accidental or unauthorized operation by telephone.
  • Telephone Controller can control up to four TSA7D thermostats in your home.
  • Can be set to answer on 1, 4, or 7th ring (for use with an answering machine, set the TC433 to answer after the answering machine).
  • Connections (see picture)
    • Telephone Controller connects to a standard analog telephone line, or to the optional Mobile Phone Module. The Mobile Phone Module allows you to access thermostats in buildings without land-line telephone service by permanently placing your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone at the remote location for use with this module.  Tip:  Buy an inexpensive prepaid minutes mobile phone with Bluetooth capability and leave it in your cabin connected to an AC charger.  When you call the mobile phone in the cabin from another location the Mobile Phone Module will answer the mobile phone and connect your call to the Telephone Controller.
    • Receiver RF module plugs in to bottom of TSA7D thermostat.
    • Controller communicates with RF modules using wireless technology.





Advanced Residential 7-Day Programmable Thermostat TSA7D $149
Advanced Commercial 7-Day Programmable Thermostat TSA8D $199
Telephone Controller Kit (Controller, 1 RF Module, AC Adapter, phone cable) TC433 $169
Additional RF Module to Control an additional thermostat (4 maximum) TC434 $44
Locking Cover with Key for TSA7D and TSA8D Thermostat TSALOCK $23
Wireless Temperature Sensor and Receiver, place up to 500 ft from thermostat, 4.5H x 2.75W x .5D inches, white, uses 2 AA lithium batteries (included) with battery life of approximately 2 years. FM0401 $159
Mobile Phone Module - Allows you to access thermostats in buildings without land-line telephone service by permanently placing your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone at the remote location for use with this module. TCMPA1 $119
Extra Wireless Temperature Sensor (up to 8 can be used to average temperature) FM0401RF $79
Lithium replacement batteries for wireless temperature sensor P474-0401RF, 1 pair LITHAA $10


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