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A thermostat controlled by room occupancy to save energy costs

T0S51FS Flushmount in Room


A thermostat that is controlled by a external occupancy sensor

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Key Features and Specifications of TOS51FS Thermostat:

  • Occupancy Sensing Features:
    • Has inputs on back of thermostat for occupancy sensor, or any external device (e.g. magnetic contacts) that will provide a contact closure.
    • Wired and wireless external occupancy sensors are available for this product (see pricing and more information below).
    • When occupancy is sensed via contact closure from the occupancy sensor, the thermostat goes into an occupied mode (i.e. programmed setpoint) for 30 minutes.   If 30 minutes elapse and no occupancy is sensed during that time, the thermostat goes into an unoccupied mode (e.g, setback setpoint or off) until occupancy is sensed again.    The exception to this 30 minute operation is at nightime.  When occupancy is sensed during the nightime period (you decide the time the nightime period begins), the thermostat stays in occupied mode until the morning period. This is to prevent the thermostat from going into an unoccupied mode during periods of extended inactivity (i.e. sleeping).
  • This thermostat is often used in hotels to conserve energy, but it can also be used in your home or rental home to conserve energy..
  • Mounts into drywall using included mounting bracket, or standard 2 inch by 4 inch J-box (not included).
  • Continuous Thermoglow backlight.
  • LED indicator glows green or red to indicate cooling or heating.
  • 1-day programmable, up to 4 occupied time periods per day with heating/cooling setpoints (or OFF).
  • Separate unoccupied sepoints for heating and cooling (35-99 degrees and OFF).
  • Dual setpoints (one for heating one for cooling).
  • Thermostat Locking - Setpoints can only be adjusted by authorized individuals if this feature is turned on.
  • Setpoint range control - allows you to set maximum and minimum setpoints (e.g. 68-78 degrees) to save energy.
  • Works with single or dual stage heat/cool on gas/electric systems, heat pumps, or hydronic systems.
  • Programming, clock, and current setpoints are retained for 48 hours in the event of a power failure.
  • Auto changeover will automatically switch between heating and cooling as needed.
  • Fan button turns on/off fan separately, and will allow up to 3 fan speeds with compatible HVAC equipment.
  • Adjustable "deadband" of 0 to 6 degrees (used when in Auto changeover mode).
  • Maintains temperature to 1 degree of setpoint (adjustable from 1-6 degrees).
  • Temperature sensor calibration.
  • Displays either Fahrenheit or Centigrade
  • Install yourself if you are familiar with installing a standard HVAC thermostat.  Just remove your old thermostat from the wall and reconnect the existing wires to the receiver.  The wires are color coded and the instruction booklet has easy to understand pictures.  A toll free technical support line is available if you need some assistance with installing or setting up your thermostat.  If you are not comfortable with a do-it-yourself installation, we recommend that you contact a local HVAC contractor to install the thermostat.  Installation time for a HVAC service technician should not exceed one hour under normal circumstances.
  • One-year manufacturer replacement warranty
  • Dimensions: 4.25H x 2.75W x .25D inches

Key Features and Specifications of Wired Occupancy Sensor RK41012V RK410

  • For use with Occupancy Sensing Thermostat (TOS51FS).
  • Includes articulating ball mount hardware that allows the sensor to be accurately aimed.
  • 40ft x 40ft coverage (45 degrees).
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • More than 1 wired sensor can be used with a one Occupancy Sensing Thermostat (TOS51FS).
  • Connects to TOS51FS with two wires.
  • Requires 12VDC power supply (sold separately).
  • 4.00in x 2.25in x 1.50in (HxWxD).

Key Features and Specifications of Wired Occupancy Sensor OS24V OS24V

  • For use with Occupancy Sensing Thermostat (TOS51FS).
  • The advantage of this occupancy sensor is that it can be powered by the thermostat R and C wires with 24VAC and therefore does not require a separate power supply.
  • Mounts in ceiling or wall with included mounting bracket.  When mounted in wall or ceiling, the sensor protrudes 3/8 of an inch from the surface.
  • Can be mounted directly below or above the thermostat, but best occupancy sensing will occur when it is ceiling mounted.
  • 360 degrees of occupancy detection (approximately 26 foot spread at a distance of 4 feet from sensor, and 44 foot spread 8 feet from sensor).
  • Sensitivity adjustment.
  • More than 1 wired sensor can be used with a one Occupancy Sensing Thermostat (TOS51FS).
  • Connects to TOS51FS with two wires (four wires if the sensor will be powered by the R and C thermostat wires).
  • Requires 24VAC or 24VDC power (+/- 10%) and can be powered by thermostat wires R and C or separate power supply.
  • Sensor draws 37mA maximum.
  • 3.50 in. diameter by 1.75 in. deep. When mounted in the wall or ceiling using the supplied mounting bracket, sensor extends 3/8 inches from the wall or ceiling surface.

Key Features and Specifications of Wireless Occupancy Sensor and Receiver


  • For use with Occupancy Sensing Thermostat (TOS51FS).
  • Includes one battery powered occupancy sensor and 2-channel receiver.
  • Occupancy sensor is powered by a 9 volt battery.
  • 30ft x 30ft coverage (45 degrees).
  • Up to 32 wireless occupancy sensors can be used with receiver.
  • Channel 2 on receiver can report low battery condition on wireless occupancy sensor.
  • Receiver connects to TOS51FS with two wires.
  • Receiver requires 12VDC power supply (sold separately).
  • Receiver has two form "C" relay outputs .
  • RF frequency: 315 MHz.
  • Occupancy sensor size: 4.4in H x 3.2in W x 1.75in D.
  • Receiver size: 4.0in H x 5.5in W x 1.25in D.






Flushmount Occupancy Sensing Thermostat (includes mounting bracket to install directly into drywall) (New Lower Price!) TOS51FS $149
Ceiling or Wall Mounted Wired Occupancy Sensor (24VAC or 24VDC powered) OS24V $99
Wall Mounted Wired Occupancy Sensor (requires 12 volt power supply sold separately below) RK41012V $39
Wall Mounted Wireless Occupancy Sensor (requires Receiver sold separately below) WMSDXT54 $129
2-Channel Receiver for WMSDXT54 Wireless Occupancy Sensor (requires 12 volt power supply sold separately below) WR2CH702 $115
12 Volt Power Supply for RK410 Occupancy Sensor and WR2CH702 Receiver 12VDC $15


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