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A Touchscreen thermostat with Wi-Fi

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iPhone app Software
FREE iPhone App Includes FREE Software to customize the thermostat display


This touchscreen thermostat that can be controlled from anywhere using a Web browser, or Apple/Android mobile device, and an Internet connection


Key Features and Specifications for Model CT5800i

  • Connects wirelessly to your home's wireless 802.11b/g/n Internet network and is compatible with WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.
  • Controllable using a computer Web browser, the free iPad app, iPhone app, or Android app downloadable from ITunes and the Android Marketplace (see screen shot of iPhone app above).
  • Control of thermostat remotely requires a FREE Skyport (cloud service) account registration (no monthly fees).
  • Ability to send messages from a mobile device (e.g. iPhone or Android) to the CT5800i display.  Click on the photo of the thermostat at the top of the page to see an example of this feature and many other features of this thermostat.
  • For use with gas/electric, heat pump and electric units up to 4-stages of heat, 2-stage cool.
  • 7-day programmable, 5/2, 1-day or non-programmable with up to 4 time periods per day.
  • Full color touchscreen with customizable wallpaper and screen savers.  A selection of wallpapers are built into the thermostat.  Your photos can be added using free downloadable software. Click on the photo of the thermostat at the top of the page to see an example of this feature and many other features of this thermostat.
  • High resolution touchscreen display with 4.3” diagonally viewing area.
  • Automatic daylight savings operation with adjustable dates just in case Congress decides to make some changes.
  • Energy Watch keeps track of energy use by tracking heating, cooling and auxiliary heat hours.
  • Heating and cooling setpoint limiting with adjustable dead bands and timers.
  • Programmable Fan can be set from 0 ~ 60 minutes each hour with programmable start and stop times.
  • All programming and setpoints stored in non-volatile memory and are never lost in power failure.
  • Emergency Heat switch when set in heat pump mode.
  • Display supports English, Spanish and French languages.
  • Service filter and service UV lamp indicators.
  • Accepts standard SD memory card (not included) to upload your own photos that can be used as wallpaper or as a screen saver to display your photos.  Click on the photo of the thermostat at the top of the page to see an example of this feature and many other features of this thermostat.
  • Install yourself if you are familiar with installing a standard HVAC thermostat.  Just remove your old thermostat from the wall and reconnect the existing wires to the receiver.  The wires are color coded and the instruction booklet has easy to understand pictures.  A toll free technical support line is available if you need some assistance with installing or setting up your thermostat.  If you are not comfortable with a do-it-yourself installation, we recommend that you contact a local HVAC contractor to install the thermostat.  Installation time for a HVAC service technician should not exceed one hour under normal circumstances.
  • Requires a "common" wire to operate properly.  A "common" wire is normally a blue colored wire that connects to the "C" terminal on this thermostat, and many other types of thermostats.  To determine if a common wire is available in your home, take the cover off of your existing thermostat and look for a terminal labeled "C".  If there isn't a wire connected to the "C" terminal, contact our technical support department for alternatives.
  • One-year manufacturer replacement warranty
  • Dimensions: 3.90H x 5.22W x 1.25D inches
  • Outside Temperature Sensor.  This wired temperature sensor will display the outside temperature on the CT5800.  This sensor can be placed up to 200 feet from the CT5800i thermostat and is wired using 18-22 gauge 2-conductor wire.  The sensor should be mounted where it does not have direct exposure to the sun or rain and can be mounted directly on a surface or in a single gang exterior electrical box.  Sensor size is 4.5H x 2.75W x .5D inches.






Wi-Fi enabled Touchscreen Thermostat CT5800i $269
Optional Wired Outside Temperature Sensor CTSENSOR $29


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