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Energy Bill Becomes Law

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 extended many consumer tax incentives originally introduced in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) and amended in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-343). Businesses, utilities, and governments are also eligible for tax credits.



Services Offered

System Design

We can assist you with the design of your home automation system, including structured wiring requirements.  We begin by sending you a checklist that includes many possible home control features for your consideration.  The structured wiring requirements are based on the features you would like to implement in your home (e.g. lighting, irrigation, HVAC, video surveillance, etc.) so it is important that you make some choices prior to determining the wiring specifications.  It is not possible to pre-wire a home to support all future features.  We believe the best approach is to consider all the possibilities for home control by browsing through our home control checklist, and selecting the features you would either like to implement now or in the future. After this has been done, an accurate structured wiring plan can be determined.

 We provide you with our home control checklist prior to an initial phone consultation we schedule with you. We go over the checklist with you to answer your questions and to describe any of the home control features on our checklist.  Of course if you have any custom features in mind that you would like to include we can provide you with guidance on that as well.   Our fee for an hour phone consultation, and our home control checklist is $100.

 When your feature set is selected, the next phase is a structured wiring plan.  We will determine the specific wiring necessary to support the features you desire.  Your electrician can use the structured wiring plan to run the necessary wiring in your home.  Our fee for this service varies depending on the features that you would like to implement in your home control system.  We will provide you with an estimate prior to proceeding.

Consultation and Code Writing

We can provide  consultation and code writing services.  Consultation services include system design (described above), problem solving, upgrades to your system, and product comparison and recommendations.

We can also write code for your home control system.  Most home control systems require application code to perform the tasks you desire.  We can either write the code for you, or we can assist you with writing the code if you desire.   Our fee for this service is hourly and we will provide you with an estimate before proceeding.


If your home is located in the San Diego California area, we can provide you with expert installation services.  If your home is located outside of the San Diego area, we can assist you, your electrician, or your low voltage installer with the installation of the products purchased from RCI Automation LLC.   We can do this by phone or by e-mail.  All of the products purchased from RCI Automation LLC include technical support for the installation and configuration of the products.